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Founded in 1994 in Guangdong, China Chigo Air Conditioning began with a mission to create a reputation of quality and trust among the worldwide HVAC industry. With an annual production ability of 10 million units, Chigo has become the second largest exporter of minisplit systems and other Air Conditioning products. Many in the HVAC industry with powerful brands around the world trust Chigo to delivery quality products on tight time schedules. Located in the City of Industry, California, Chigo's United States Headquarters is equipt with a state-of-the-art Customer Service facility. Located in strategic areas throughout the continental United States, Chigo has Sales and Marketing offices to provide the best possible support for retail partnerships.

Chigo's innovation is well-known and it's intelligent air conditioners are World Record holders, especially due to its cloud and Wi-Fi technology. Chigo is a recognized industry leader with retailers looking for the latest in marketing trends and leading edge products that will propel them ahead of any competition. With approximately 20,000 employees in its factory campus and worldwide offices, Chigo Air Conditioning has a strong and intelligent workforce ready to handle even the most daunting challenges. With 29 industry-leading environmental test labs in its production facility and substantial research and development investments, Chigo is able to maintain hundreds of quality certifications. As a potent innovator, Chigo understands what it takes to get products on the shelf, in abundant time to secure sales and customer loyalty.

 From office comfort to the rigors and trials of the front line, Chigo has proven a valuable ally in combating the harsh effects of the environment and providing unrivaled indoor enjoyment for millions of customers worldwide. With a variety of sizes and models, Chigo's products can handle almost any situation with ease and provide for years of worry-free relaxation. Constantly tested in the live battlefields of Afghanistan, the satisfaction and durability of Chigo's units have withstood the test of time and the stresses of habitual relocation and nonstop use. Chigo is the number one supplier in the world to the Army's Forward Operating Bases, having been proven a financial leader and supplying unrelenting quality.

Chigo's forward-looking design process creates products that are not only functional and efficient, but aesthetically pleasing and modern. From the outdoor compressor unit, to the indoor evaporator unit, to the remote control everything is planned, engineered, and fabricated to be of the highest quality and as appealing as possible. Building on the more than 20 years of experience Chigo has acquired, they are now able to offer several versions of their products that range from the lower end of the SEER rating all the way into units that are above 20 SEER. SEER is an industry standard acronym which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, and represents how well the unit uses electricity.

Chigo originated in China, and GUANGDONG CHIGO AIR CONDITIONING CO., LTD is a core enterprise of CHIGO Holding (Listed Member on the HKSE). It's headquarters is located in Nanhai District, Foshan which is an industrial municipality located strategically in the Pearl River Delta. With more than 20 years of steady and brisk growth and expansion, Chigo has established a complete air conditioner logistics and accessory supply chain. Chigo has become of of the global leaders with a complete supply side chain, from individual parts to compressors and evaporator units. Chigo has been able to market in over 200 countries and regions globally, as a vanguard in the industry. Although focused primarily on residential air conditioning units, Chigo also uses it ingenuity to produce products for the Refrigeration, Washing Machine, and household appliance fields.

As a leader in high-end air conditioning units, Chigo has become a master of the Intelligent Cloud core technology. With a dedicated focus on detail and a driven ambition to focus on every detail and provide an extreme experience to the end consumer. Chigo is an important company in the China Torch Program (December 2010), owns and manages an industry leading Research and Development Center, a refrigeration technology institute, and an intelligent home appliance research center. Chigo is also heavily involved in the National Postdoctoral Research Station (beginning May 2006), Academician Workstation (beginning June 2009), dozens of international and national accredited laboratories, and works with more than 1,500 technical elites. Chigo started the Smart Cloud Air conditioner, built the smart cloud air conditioner big data center, and also became a standards setter for air conditioning cloud technology in Guangdong, China.

Every great product deserves a great spokesperson. Chigo was lucky enough to sign Jackie Chan in 2017 as the official brand spokesman. Although known in the United States mostly for his great movies, fast moves, and martial arts skills, Jackie Chan has a variety of interests. One is helping provide quality products and comfort to those he cherishes. Being a fan of Chigo, it was no surprise he was more than happy to renew his relationship as spokesman for Chigo for another 10 years on April 19th, 2017. Jackie stands as the Chief Product Experience Officer and will honorably represent Chigo going forward for the foreseeable future.

Building a strong and successful company takes strong and successful leadership. To build such a powerful and prosperous global company, Li Xinghao needed a particular skill set that covered many aspects of the business world. Li became a graduate from western economics college of Nankai University, and an undergraduate from the Central Party School of China. He currently holds a variety of positions, including chairman and CEO of Chigo group, president and CEO of Guangdong Chigo Air Conditioning Co., Ltd, President of Guangdong Credit Association, president of Guangdong Brand Building Promotion Association, executive chairman of Guangdong Home Appliances Industry Association, and the information officer of Chinese Nomocracy supervision. As you can see, Li's many talents and interests have prepared him well to lead Chigo into a bright future.

Chigo's superior qaulity has lead it to received many certifications and awards in all of the 200+ markets they serve. Focusing and specializing on the AC industry for more than 24 years, the pursuit of excellence has never slowed or stopped. Global qaulity recognition is a standard with Chigo, and some of the certifications Chigo has acquired include: USA UL certification, USA ARI Certification, USA Energy Star Certification, EU CE Certification, Germany GS Certification, Australia SAA Safety Certification, Canada CSA, and Brazil's INMETRO. Some of the awards earned by Chigo in its home country of China include: Export Quality and Safety Demonstration Enterprise, China Famous Brand Products, and China Famous Export Brands. Chigo also passed the re-certification of Customs AEO Advanced Certification, maitains the highest qaulity and effieciency standards, and has been on the list of the Leader of the Chinese Enterprise(s) with Energy-efficient Products twice.

As climate change worsens in our ever evolving environment, the demand for highly efficient air conditioners is increasing everyday. Consumers are putting forth higher requirements for their units while requiring the same or better cooling and heating capacity while remaining friendly to not only the ozone layer, but the world in general. Chigo's dedication to these concerns are exhibited not only in their superior on time product delivery, but also in their ability to quickly locate and ship quality replacement parts and keep the units running and happy for a lifetime of comfort. You can rest assured that your Chigo product will provide you with the relief you deserve for many years to come.

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